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Stainless steel butt

Liter mug by Bushman | Do you want to cool down or warm up and you're really thirsty? Pour it into a BUSHMAN tuplak and be cool.

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Der Artikel leider ausverkauft…
Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung
Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung
Wir entwickeln, testen, verbessern.
Produktion und Prüfung
Produktion und Prüfung
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Team von Testern
Team von Testern
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The BUSHMAN double-bottomed tuplas evokes the shape of a beer keg and is also suitable for beer (but not only for beer) - both cold and warm, to suit everyone's taste. Thanks to the double-walled stainless steel, it maintains temperature well and protects you against burns with hot drinks.


The tumbler has a handy handle and fits well in the hand, is unbreakable, and is thus perfect for your small and large expeditions. There's nothing like getting out of your tent in the morning and making hot tea in the BUSHMAN tupla...



1 litre capacity
304 stainless steel
laser-printed BUSHMAN logo

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